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PRAXISforum Future Production in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry



Tuesday, 12. Feb 2019

Moderation: Alexis Bazzanella, DECHEMA e.V.

10:00 Check-In, opening of exhibition


PRAXISforum Opening and welcome address

Alexis Bazzanella, Head of Research Management and Conferences
DECHEMA e.V., Germany


Industry 4.0: Drivers and solutions for chemistry

  • Main drivers for Industry 4.0: quality, resource efficiency, time efficiency
  • Comparison between batch and conti with regards to Industry 4.0 drivers

Dirk Kirschneck, Managing Director, Microinnova Engineering GmbH, Germany


SmarDe’s@Work - Smart devices in production

  • Main objectives of the research project and general obstacles
  • Approach and results in terms of an emerging integration layer and client application
  • Achieved goals and potentials during the tests as well as further innovational opportunitues

Ulrich König, Research Associate, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT, Germany
Maximilian Röglinger, Professor of Information Systems and Value-based BPM, University Bayreuth, Germany


Lunch Break, Networking and interactive Discussion at "Topic Tables" in Exhibition Area

13:45 Project ORCA - Efficient orchestration of modular systems

Leon Urbas, Chair of Process Ccontrol Engineering, Technical University Dresden, Germany



Modular automation - Vision or reality in the near future

  • Modular production plants needs modular automation
  • What are the benefits and the principles?
  • How could an implementation look like?

Axel Haller, Technology & Portfolio Manager, ABB Automation, Germany


Flexible and modular manufacturing

Klaus Erni, Global Technical Consultant & NAMUR 148 board member, Emerson Automation Solutions


Coffee break, networking and interactive discussion at "topic tables" in exhibition area


The impact of mixed reality and visio in process industry

  • Mixed reality connects the diagram with the real plant in a 360 degree view
  • Great potential for training purposes, the maintenance and service routines
  • Engineering as content provider to prepare contents for the customers

Wolfgang Welscher, Managing Director, X-Visual Technologies GmbH, Germany


Discrete closed-loop feedforward data evaluation and process parameter prediction controller

  • Outline and capabilities of myhte
  • Discrete closed-loop feedforward control
  • Application example iso-RON
  • Application example accelerated catalyst ageing

Michael Dejmek, Senior Product and Principal Technology Manager, hte GmbH, Germany


Enhanced artificial intelligence approach for process plant optimization

  • Impact of global megatrends and challenges to the process industry
  • Digital connectivity: architecture base necessity
  • Digital modularity: production sufficiency
  • Digital services: user benefit and value

Guido König, Technology Manager Business Innovation and Digital Transformation, Samson AG

18:00 Networking dinner and interactive discussions at "topic tables" in exhibition area


End of first PRAXISforum Day


Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019

Moderation: Alexis Bazzanella, DECHEMA e.V.

08:30 Re-Opening exhibition


Modular flow processing - The right decision?

  • Business challenges in implementing modular flow processes
  • Techno-economic decisions associated with implementation
  • Methodologies to rationalize risk associated with these decisions

Mark Talford, Technical Director, Britest Ltd, UK


Speed up development with a better understanding of formulation using advanced chemical imaging

  • Optimizing pharmaceutical developments
  • Quality control of pharma production
  • Advanced chemical imaging

Marc Richter, Product Manager, Renishaw GmbH, Germany


Coffee break, networking and interactive discussion at "topic tables" in exhibition area


Hygienic sensors for flexible, modular future production

  • Inline diaphragm seals meet highest hygienic requirements for modular and/or containment systems
  • Small scale sensors for flexible small scale manufacturing
  • Digital interfaces: IO-Link goes hygienic

Christine Schweder, Sector Management, LABOM Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, Germany


Modular micro-reactors

Henk Bats, Founder & Director, Flowid B.V., Netherlands


Structured micro-/millireactors on their track for being established as process technology

Impact of global megatrends and challenges to the process industry

  • Digital Connectivity: architecture base necessity
  • Digital Modularity: production sufficiency
  • Digital Services: user benefit and value

Joachim Heck, Managing Director, Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik GmbH, Germany


Summary and closure

13:15 Lunch, networking and interactive discussion at "topic tables" in exhibition area
14:00 End of PRAXISforum
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