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Sponsors and Exhibitors

Sponsors and Exhibitors


Elsevier: Young Scientist Award Sponsor



novoMOF AG focuses on idea-to-product projects to bring MOFs to industrial applications. We partner with our clients to combine their application knowledge of the product with our material expertise on MOFs – from the initial idea, identification of the right MOF, production, prototyping, product launch and beyond. Based in Switzerland, novoMOF is working with global leaders in the energy, environmental, oil&gas and other industrial sectors who leverage MOFs for economically viable products and processes.

novoMOF produces metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) – the next generation of advanced materials for selective separation and filtration.

3P Instruments

3P Instruments GmbH & Co. KG: EXHIBITOR

We are specialists for measuring technologies and analytical instruments, contract analyzes and method developments for comprehensive characterization of dispersions, particles, powders and porous solids: particle size 0.01 – 3500 µm and dynamic image analysis, BET surface area and pore size distribution, chemisorption and temperature programmed reaction, breakthrough sorption experiments), porosity, density, water vapor sorption, zeta potential, stability of original dispersions and more.


Ametek Inc.: EXHIBITOR

Ametek Inc. Business Unit Gatan is the world's leading manufacturer of instrumentation and software used to enhance and extend the operation and performance of electron microscopes. Gatan products, which are fully compatible with nearly all electron microscope models, cover the entire range of the research process—from specimen preparation and manipulation to imaging and analysis. The Gatan brand name is recognized with high quality products and leading technology for more than 50 years. For more information, visit:

Berghof Products + Instruments GmbH

Berghof Products + Instruments GmbH: EXHIBITOR

With over 50 years of experience, Berghof offers comprehensive expertise in the production of reactor systems. Our highpreactor reactor systems can be equipped with a unique PTFE liner system, which forms the basis for an easy cleaning and a flexible use of our reactors. Furthermore, our digestec pressure vessels are ideal for hydrothermal synthesis and convince by an intuitive handling as well as an outstanding lifetime.


Framergy Inc.: EXHIBITOR

Framergy, Inc. was the first company to come to market which focused on Metal Organic Frameworks, and through its partnerships with US and European Universities, the Company owns the composition of matter for most iron and titanium MOFs.  Leveraging a manufacturing agreement with a Fortune 500 multinational, framergy helps end-users develop applications with MOFs. As a Texas based Company, Oil & Gas has traditionally been the most prolific sector; but recently framergy demonstrated the power of MOF photocataysis by breaking down mankind’s biggest perils, COVID-19 and PFAS.

Fraunhofer IWS


The Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS Dresden stands for innovations in laser and surface technology. The scientists offer one stop solutions ranging from the development of new processes to implementation into production up to application-oriented support. The business unit Chemical Surface Technology focuses on next-generation batteries. Central research topics include electromobility and stationary energy storage. Emphasis is placed on innovative approaches such as solid-state batteries.

Hiden Isochema

Hiden Isochema: EXHIBITOR

Hiden Isochema offer high accuracy sorption instruments designed for research-scale sample sizes, and our instruments are successfully used by many high profile MOF researchers.

Our IGA gravimetric sorption analyzers are well known for recording full equilibrium and kinetic data, and our XEMIS gravimetric sorption analyzers offer operation under extreme conditions including at high temperatures and pressures, with flammable and corrosive species.

The new IGA-003-MC allows direct determination of binary gas sorption isotherms.

Our ABR is a fully automated breakthrough analyzer with integrated mass spectrometer, and we also supply dedicated vapor sorption analyzers and high pressure manometric gas sorption analyzers.


Micromeritics Instrument Corporation: EXHIBITOR

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation (Norcross/GA, USA) is a global provider of solutions for material characterization with market-leading instrumentation and application expertise in five core areas:  density; surface area and porosity; particle size and shape; powder characterization; and catalyst characterization and process development. Contract testing is offered via the Particle Testing Authority.

Microtrac MRB

Microtrac Retsch GmbH: EXHIBITOR

The well-known provider of high-quality analyzers for porous materials MicrotracBEL became part of the VERDER Scientific group in 2019. The merge with Microtrac Inc. and Retsch Technology GmbH has formed Microtrac MRB as a provider of a complete portfolio of particle characterization instruments. The product line for characterization of porous materials includes analyzers for specific surface area based on gas adsorption, pore size measurement and catalyst evaluation. A second focus of MRB’s activities is particle size & shape characterization based on dynamic image analysis and laser light scattering. A variety of analyzers covering a size range from nanometers to millimeters is available.



SIKÉMIA, your experienced French partner with dual-skills: Strong background for the tailor-made design, synthesis and scale-up of reactants, linkers, coupling agents, ligands and additives. Our MOF Ligands catalog is rich of 60 molecules and available on our website

Springer Nature

Springer Nature: EXHIBITOR

Communications Chemistry is an open access journal from Nature Research publishing high-quality research, reviews and commentary in all areas of the chemical sciences. Research papers published by the journal represent significant advances bringing new chemical insight to a specialized area of research.

Surface Measurement Systems

Surface Measurement Systems: EXHIBITOR

Surface Measurement Systems develop and engineer gravimetric sorption analyzers for physico-chemical characterization of solid state materials. Our instruments are capable of measuring adsorption and desorption under dynamic/static, isothermal, or isobaric conditions; competitive adsorption of two probe molecules (i.e. CO2–H2O, Toluene–H2O, MeOH–H2O); perform multi-component experiments using vapor and/or gas sorbate molecules; unique vapor temperature and delivery control; multiple adsorption/desorption and sample regeneration cycles and real-time sorption kinetics and thermodynamics.

We are world leaders in sorption science and inventors of Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) technology and Inverse Gas Chromatography (iGC) instrumentations. We provide professional world-class scientific and technical support for all our customers and our products are used by hundreds of leading laboratories and universities globally.

Promethean Particles Ltd

Promethean Particles Ltd: EXHIBITOR

Promethean Particles is a pioneer in the manufacture of high specification nanomaterials, including MOFs.

Our manufacturing facility is capable of MOF production with capacities exceeding 1,000 tonnes/year through a patented continuous flow process – making it the largest reactor system of its kind in the world. A range of high quality, cost-effective MOFs are available to purchase directly from our web store.


In partnering with leading academic and industrial figures we design, develop and manufacture next-generation materials using our scalable, state-of-the-art technology.

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