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High-throughput experimentation
- a modular course

Module II: Organic and polymer-based functional materials

Module II: Organic and polymer-based functional materials

28 -30 September 2016, Jena / Germany

Organizer: U. S. Schubert; Jena Center for Soft Matter (JCSM) - Friedrich Schiller University Jena/D, Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI), Eindhoven/NL


This module covers combinatorial and high-throughput experimental techniques in organic chemistry and polymer science:

  • Parallel synthesis/polymerization
  • Microwave-assisted reactions
  • High-pressure reactions
  • Combinatorial inkjet printing
  • Combinatorial formulations
  • Characterization
  • Data handling & mining, e-notebooks

Subjects are introduced in lectures and laboratory experiments.

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