High-throughput experimentation
- a modular course

8 - 9 September 2015
Ruhr-Universität, Bochum/Germany

Have you ever wished for smart alternatives to slow experimental progress? Did you find yourself getting tired of repeating experiments many times, one after the other to improve your materials? Have you ever thought of bringing conventional experimentation to a new level of success rate and confidence in its results? Have you been unsatisfied with leaving information behind due to time constraints on your projects?

The machinery of research and innovation is going ever faster. Conventional approaches for experimentation quickly reach their limitations if multiple parameter optimizations are concerned, as it is generally the case with real world problems in materials sciences.

There are tools and methods available that can significantly speed-up experimentation, analytics and materials testing when combined with enhanced data evaluation. While these methods are especially in combination extremely powerful, even to apply those separately at well considered points to a scientific problem often results in acceleration and new insights.

ProcessNet and its partners offer a special course consisting of 4 modules:

• Organic and polymer-based functional materials (Jena/Germany, October 15-16, 2013)

• Fundamental aspects of combinatorial chemistry (Saarbrucken/Germany, March 18 - 20, 2014)

• Analytics and industrial applications (Heidelberg/Germany, September 30, - October 01, 2014)

• Inorganic functional materials (Ruhr University Bochum/Germany, September 8-9, 2015)


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