From the inventory of a cell by –omics to synthetic biology, from strain development to industrial biotechnological processes including downstream processing

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  • PRAXISforum Lab of the Future

    Learn more about the laboratory of the future and get answers to your questions. Which technology should be used in the laboratory? And do you know the future trends in the field of laboratory work? Get to know best practice from leading companies.

  • Enzymes for Industrial Applications 2020

        Review of PRAXISforum Enzymes for Industrial Applications 2018  

  • Recommendation for biological evaluation of bioreactor performance for microbial processes

    2. revised edition
    The Escherichia coli model process described in the recommendation also makes it possible to characterise the biological performance of a system. The standardised process aims to determine the performance of bioreactors, in particular single-use bioreactors, and to evaluate their suitability for microbial applications. Since microbial processes place high demands on the bioreactor system with regard to oxygen transfer, this is of particular importance; another important parameter is heat removal. The associated Excel tool offers the possibility of a standardised evaluation, so that a comparison across bioreactor systems is possible. Calculations, e.g. of the volumetric mass transfer coefficient, will be performed automatically after input of the raw data. Recommendation and Excel tool were developed by the "Single-Use Microbial" working group of DECHEMA's expert group "Single-Use Technology in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing".

  • Himmelfahrtstagung 2019: Intensification and digitalisation for integral bioprocessing

    The online-registration is closed. Please register on-site! Optimizing individual steps of the production chain not necessarily leads to the...

  • Gene Therapy - Ready for the Market?

    Manufacturing, vectors, applications & regulatory aspects

  • Advances in Chemical Biology

    The upcoming Advances in Chemical Biology conference will feature latest research from all hot topics in chemical biology. Lectures by young researchers and...

  • AchemAsia 2019 - Call for Papers

    The AchemAsia conference focuses on topics that are highly relevant for China’s process industry. Papers can be submitted until 10 January 2019.

  • Smart Sensors - mechanistic and data driven modelling

    The conference is organized by DECHEMA e.V. and supported by the DECHEMA working group Biotechnology Measurement and Control/ Fachgruppe Messen und Regeln in der Biotechnologie and ESBES Section on Modelling, Monitoring, Measurement & Control (M3C).

  • Call for nominations: DECHEMA Industrial Bioprocess Award

    Young scientists who have made industrially profound contributions to biochemical engineering during their PhD thesis are invited to apply for this prize.

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