Reaction Engineering

Reaction Engineering

From catalysis to microreaction engineering, high pressure and high temperature processing, from continuous processes to all aspects of chemical and biotechnological processes on an industrial scale

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  • Enzymes for Industrial Applications

    > Download programme as PDF Enzymes are considered to be little miracle substances for innovation, process advantages and cost...

  • Catalysis beyond the Roadmap

    Supplement to the Roadmap for Catalysis Research in Germany published by the German Catalysis Society

  • Chemistry Data Series, Volume II

    Critical Data of Pure Substances Authors: K.H. Simmrock, R. Janowsky, A. Ohnsorge The properties of substances at the critical point are...

  • Biochemical Engineering

    The working group “Biochemical Engineering“ focuses on the biotechnological production of fine and bulk chemicals as well as biopharmaceuticals...

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