52. Jahrestreffen Deutscher Katalytiker

Start Ups in Catalysis, Thursday 14 March 2019

organised by YounGeCatS

This year’s YounGeCatS career programme focus on ways to establish your own business. For this, we invited three lecturer who went different ways to found their companies. All will share with us their experiences.

A different form of business foundation chose Thorsten Hornung, who created Susteen as a spin-off from UMSICHT. His company developed a process for a more efficient utilisation of biomass waste. He will tell us what is important to bridge the transition from a pure research facility towards the “real” business world.

Our third speaker Daniel Teichmann, CEO Hydrogenious, will give us insights on how to stay successful after the first years elapsed. Their process is capable of storing hydrogen in a clean and safe way. Overall, we will learn from their experiences how to set the first steps up to ways to stays successful.

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