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PRAXISforum Electrolysis in Industry

Conference Programme


In the following you can find the lectures and speakers of our two-day programme of PRAXISforum "Electrolysis in Industry".

Thursday, 22 Nov 2018

  Moderation: Jürgen Kintrup, R&D Scientist HCI Electrolysis, Covestro / Germany
10:00 Registration and Opening of the Exhibition
11:00 PRAXISforum Opening and Welcome Address
Kurt Wagemann
, Executive Director, DECHEMA e.V. / Germany
11:15 Why Electrochemistry?
  • Electrochemical processes - Basics
  • Electrochemical processes - Examples
  • Electrochemical processes - Pros and Cons

Klaus-Michael Mangold, DECHEMA Research Institute / Germany

11:45 Decarbonisation -- the road to a fossile-free industrial production in 2050
  • Decarbonisation of the industrial production  - what's that?
  • The challenges for decarbonisation and the need for technological
    game changers
  • The forthcoming program “Decarbonisation of industrial production”
    of the BMU

Joachim Heidemeier, Head of Departement III 2 "Sustainable Production, Resource Conservation and Material Cycles", German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) / Germany


Lunch break, interactive discussions at "topic tables"
and networking in exhibition area


Electrochemical chlorine production and ODC electrolysis

  • Overview about electrochemical chlorine synthesis processes
  • Increasing role of chlorine recycling by HCl electrolysis
  • Novel ODC electrolysis with lower electrical energy demand

Thomas Turek, Institute of Chemical and Electrochemical Process Engineering, Technical University Clausthal / Germany

14:45 Electrosynthesis at BASF
  • Anodic substitution as versatile synthetic route
  • Electrochemical production of aroma and agro chemicals at BASF
  • Recent research examples
Nicola Christiane Aust, Principal Scientist Electrosynthesis, BASF SE / Germany
15:15 Green Hydrogen from Electrolysis
  • Renewables and sector coupling
  • Technology and recent projects
  • Green Fuels

Manfred Baldauf, Head of Research Group, Siemens AG / Germany

15:45 Coffee break, interactive discussions at "topic tables"
and networking in exhibition area

16:45 Electrochemical Synthesis of H2 via alkaline electrolysis and use of it
  • Electrochemical Hydrogen Synthesis
  • Use of "green" Hydrogen
  • Driver of "green" Hydrogen
Gregor Polcyn, Head of Product Management and Technology Department Energy Storage and Hydrogen, thyssenkrupp AG / Germany
17:15 Application of Boron-doped Diamond Electrodes
Thorsten Matthée,
CTO,  Condias GmbH / Germany;
Hans-Jürgen Förster, CEO, Eilenburger Elektrolyse- und Umwelttechnik GmbH / Germany



Developing the supply chain for electrolysis
  • Role of component suppliers in innovation
  • How to involve novel parties in the supply chain
  • Durability as the key to better PEM
Arend de Groot, TNO / The Netherlands
18:30 Networking Dinner and interactive discussions at "topic tables" in exhibition area
21:00 End of first PRAXISforum day


Friday, 23 Nov 2018

  Moderation: Jürgen Kintrup, R&D Scientist HCI Electrolysis, Covestro / Germany
08:00 PRAXISforum Re-Opening and Welcome Coffee in Exhibition Area
09:00 Technical Photosynthesis, employing Single Step Electrocatalytic Reduction
of CO2 toward CO and Hydrocarbons

  • Industrial perspectives of implementing Power-to-X concepts into current economy
  • Synthesis of C4-6 alcohols by coupling CO2-to-CO electrolysis and fermentation
  • Synthesis of hydrocarbons in aequous media directly from CO2
    (i.e. ethylene)

Guenter Schmid, Principal Key Expert Research Scientist, Siemens AG / Germany

09:30 eCOs – On-site Carbon Monoxide production by CO2 electrolysis
  • High purity Carbon Monoxide production
  • CO2 as feedstock for sustainable chemicals and fuels
  • Advantages of Solid Oxide Electrolysis
Poul Georg Moses, Director Explorative R&D, Haldor Topsøe A/S / Denmark
10:00 Coffee break, interactive networking and discussion @ "topic tables" in exhibition area
11:15 Flow-electrode capacitive deionization (FCDI):
Water desalination using carbon slurries

  • Principle of continuous FCDI processes
  • New developments in FCDI module and system design
  • Performance of FCDI systems including energy considerations

Alexandra Rommerskirchen, RWTH Aachen / Germany

11:45 Electrochemical techniques for metal recovery processes
  • Peroxocompounds production with BDD
  • Uses of peroxocompounds in metal recovery processes
  • Electrodialysis as powerfull method for lithium recovery
David Anguera-Sempere, Technical University BA Freiberg / Germany
12:15 Application of electrolysis to the massive production of primary iron metal
  • Steel production and its environmental significance
  • New steel processes for low CO2 emissions
  • Application of electrolysis to steel production
Hervé Lavelaine de Maubeuge, Coordinator of the SIDERWIN project, ArcelorMittal S.A. / Luxemburg
12:45 Summary and closure
Jürgen Kintrup, R&D Scientist HCI Electrolysis, Covestro / Germany
13:00 Lunch, interactive networking and discussion @ "topic tables" in exhibition area
14:00 End of PRAXISforum


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