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GreeN H2 Namibia - Feasibility study for Green Hydrogen in Namibia


Oktober 2022

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Project information: The project GreeN-H2 Namibia can contribute to provide important facts about a green hydrogen, but also power-to-X production in Namibia to all actors working in Namibia and support them in the implementation of their strategy. The GreeN-H2 project aims to mediate between the different government funded and private sector initiatives and to answer fundamental questions like: which infrastructure is needed for the development of the hydrogen economy, which potential can be exploited at which locations and how can this development be established as a sustainable economic factor for Namibia. This study will address the following overall objectives: - Recommend and develop a conceptual framework for the socio-economic, technical and environmental benefits of introducing green hydrogen in Namibia - Identify desirable and sustainable future target scenarios for green hydrogen production, processing and distribution in Namibia - Identify transformation pathways to achieve the target scenarios, taking into account transformation barriers and social and environmental vulnerabilities - Assess institutional capacity, Definition of markets and financial attractiveness for a successful implementation of green hydrogen production in Namibia The task of DECHEMA is the project coordination, but especially also the stakeholder management with actors in Germany and Namibia, as well as the preparation of technical know-how for water treatment, hydrogen production and its commercialization.

New: Read the project’s report on desalination, brine treatment and its potential impact on maritime life here

New: Read the project’s factsheet on the Namibian energy sector here

New: Read the project’s report on hydrogen production in Namibia here


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GreeN-H2 Namibia contributes providing facts for a green hydrogen industry in Namibia to actors along the value chain and support them with needed information.
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