Advanced Therapies – Challenges for Routine Applications

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers 

Catarina Brito
(iBET & ITQB-NOVA, Oeiras/PT)


Keynote lecture: „Harnessing human 3D Cell Models to accelerate the development of advanced therapies


Nicole Faust
(CEVEC Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Köln/D)


Keynote lecture: "Tackling the Challenges of AAV Vector Manufacturing"

Jens Gruber
(Curexsys GmbH, Göttingen/D)


Keynote lecture: "Functional extracellular vesicles as new therapeutic modality – Exosomes’ Road to the clinic"



Nico Lachmann
(MHH Medizinische Hochschule Hannover/D)


Keynote lecture: "Scalable generation of custom-made immune cells for innovative cell-based immunotherapies and industrial applications"


His statement: "Technical innovations along with stem cell technologies pave the way for the development of novel cells and ATMPs for innovative industrial applications and future immunotherapies, respectively."

Felicitas Müller
(BioNTech SE, Mainz/D)


Keynote lecture: "Application of mRNA technology in cancer therapy"

Andreas Schmidt
(Singleron Biotechnologies GmbH, Köln/D)


Keynote lecture: "Single Cell Multi-Omics Driving the Future of Adoptive Cell Therapy"


Michael Schmitt
(Uniklinik Heidelberg, Heidelberg/D)

Keynote lecture: „Home brewn CAR-T-Cell“

Kilian Schober

(Universitätsklinikum Erlangen/D)

Keynote lecture: "Engineering T cell receptors for adoptive cell therapy”

His statement:
„Engineering T cells through precise replacement of T cell receptors has now become technically possible. The challenge for the future is to make this process broadly applicable to many patients in a fast and Good Manufacturing Practice-compatible manner.”

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