8th European Congress of Chemical Engineering together with ProcessNet-Annual Meeting

25. - 29. September 2011

EFCE Event No. 693

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8th European Congress of Chemical Engineering

together with ProcessNet-Annual Meeting


Welcome to Berlin, a city which stands for the great achievements of recent European history like no other. For four and a half decades Berlin had personified a divided europe, for two decades Berlin has exemplified the unification of Europe. Now the European Congress of Chemical Engineering has come to Berlin together with the first European Congress of Applied Biotechnology showcasing how two technical and scientific areas, which have much in common and still have run next to each other, can come together, talk to each other, learn from another and have fun together. What better place can there be to do this than Berlin. notwithstanding an exemplary scientific programme, Berlin with the Reichstag and Brandenburger Tor, the remains of the Berlin wall and the memorials of the difficult times of the not so long ago history shall prove an inspiring and exciting experience for all participants.

Having the European Congress of Chemical Engineering and the European Congress of Applied Biotechnology together with several smaller events at the same place is an ambitious undertaking which holds the promise of finding new ideas in unexpected places. Looking at the topics nearly all areas of our life are somehow related to Chemical Engineering and Applied Biotechnology, most particularly those which are in the centre of public discussion today: energy, water, Co2 and not least safety. The research programme will also show that engineering and technology is not based on such popular topics only, but that sound science and engineering still involve new insights in the classical foundations: unit operations and transfer processes. Both have changed with the computational skills and the new methods that have become available over the last decade and will change even more with the focus on nano scale, on biological or on interface dominated systems.

Besides all excitement about innovation and research progress, one must not forget education. With the expected, upcoming shortage of skilled personnel education will become even more important. In Germany we have just experienced the first realignment of the national Bologna process. This is a good sign as it shows the willingness to continually improve the educational system. It is now time for chemical engineer sand biotechnologists to evaluate the newly formed programmes and define what we believe is crucial for a sound education in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. It will need more than science and engineering, even more than social skills. It will need to form a person who is capable and willing to take responsibility for himself and for others. Globalisation and the changes in our economies will bring with them a much greater need to look beyond the task at hand.

This congress offers the chance to discuss all aspects of the dynamic changes which influence our lives, our jobs and our profession. You are most cordially invited to be part of our discussions, to meet colleagues and friends and enjoy an interesting stay in one of the most vibrant cities in Europe: Berlin.

The ProcessNet-Annual Meeting, DECHEMA's Biotechnology Annual Meeting and a strong contribution of the EFB Section on Biochemical Engineering Science will widen the scope of these joint congresses.

In addition to the key topics, all aspects of Chemical Engineering and Applied Biotechnology will receive attention.

We would love to see you in Berlin!

Dr. Hermann J. Feise  Prof. Joel Bertrand
 Chairmen of the Scientific Committee of ECCE
Prof. Alois Jungbauer  Prof. Thomas Scheper
 Chairmen of the Scientific Committee of ECAB


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