DECHEMA Chemistry Data Series, Volume III

Heats of Mixing Data Collection

Autoren: C. Christensen, J. Gmehling, P. Rasmussen, U. Weidlich, T. Holderbaum

This volume contains a comprehensive collection of heats of mixing data (HE) for binary and ternary mixtures. Included in the data collection are mixtures with water, hydrocarbons, alcohols, ketones, ethers, esters, organic acids, amines, nitriles, halogenated hydrocarbons, sulfur and phosphorus contaning hydrocarbons, and other non-polymeric organic compounds. The experimental data are presented in tables with the heat of mixing at a given temperature as a function of liquid composition. The data are correlated with the Redlich-Kister and/or SSF equations. The parameters are presented. The experimental and smoothed data are shown in figures with H E and/or H E /x 1 x 2 as function of x 1 . Fundamentals of the computation of heats of mixing are outlined in part 1.


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  CDS Volume III, Part 1+2: Binary Systems, Binary and Multicomponent Systems 393,-
Part 1: Binary Systems, ISBN 3-921567-49-1
Part 2: Binary and Multicomponent Systems, ISBN 3-921567-50-5
Parts 1 and 2 together, 1984, 1.638 pages
  CDS Volume III, Part 3: Supplement 1 179,-
1988, ISBN 3-921567-98-X, 690 pages
  CDS Volume III, Part 4: Supplement 2 213,-
1991, ISBN 3-926959-26-6, 821 page



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