DECHEMA Chemistry Data Series, Volume V


Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Data Collection

Authors: W. Arlt, M.E.A. Macedo, P. Rasmussen, J.M. Sorensen

Volume V of the series contains a comprehensive collection of liquid-liquid equilibrium (LLE) data for over 2000 binary, ternary and quaternary systems. Included in the data collection are mixtures with water, hydrocarbons, alcohols, ketones, ethers, esters, organic acids, amines, nitriles, halogenated and sulfur-containing hydrocarbons and other non-polymeric organic compounds with a normal boiling point above 0°C. The data are correlated with the NRTL and UNIQUAC equations. Part 1 contains experimental and smoothed binary data presented as tables and T-x diagrams. UNIQUAC and NRTL parameters are listed at various temperatures. The introduction contains an outline of the fundamentals of LLE computations. An index to the systems is provided. Parts 2 and 3 contain ternary and quaternary data. The UNIQUAC and NRTL interaction parameters which best represent a given ternary system are listed. The experimental and predicted data are shown in tables and figures. In addition, UNIQUAC parameters for the binary interaction A - B are fitted to all data which include components A and B. Computation methods for multicomponent LLE are discussed and a system index is provided. Part 4 contains data which have been published since Part 1 to Part 3 appeared or which were not included in these first three parts. Around 280 binary, ternary and quaternary systems are listed.


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  CDS Volume V, Part 1: Binary Systems 205,-
1979, ISBN 3-921567-17-3, 650 pages
  CDS Volume V, Part 2+3: Ternary Systems, Ternary and Quaternary Systems 338,-
Ternary Systems, ISBN 3-921567-18-1
Ternary and Quaternary Systems, ISBN 3-921567-19-X
Parts 2 and 3 together ,1.290 pages
  CDS Volume V, Part 4: Supplement 1 180,-
1987, ISBN 3-921567-73-4, 340 pages
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