DECHEMA Chemistry Data Series, Volume XIV

Polymer Solution Data Collection

Authors: Wen Hao, H.S. Elbro, P. Alessi

The data collection presented in the book results from the close cooperation of the three institutes of the authors. It provides an easily usable collection of polymer data, valuable not only to scientists development new correlations, but to those in applied areas such as paints and coatings. Among the topics treated are: Solvently activities at finite concentration, Solvent activities at infinite dilution (Inverse Gas Chromatography), Upper Critical Solution Temperatures (UCST), and Lower Critical Solution Temperatures (LCST).


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  CDS Volume XIV, Part 1: Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium 191,-
1992, ISBN 3-926 959-31-2, 560 pages
  CDS Volume XIV, Part 2, 3: Solvent Activity, Coefficients at Infinite Dilution, Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium 165,-
1992, ISBN 3-926 959-32-0, 453 pages



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