International Conference on Micro Reaction Technology - IMRET 2018

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The Industrial Chemistry area supplements De Gruyter’s established chemistry portfolio. Amongst other areas, De Gruyter focuses on catalyst and process development, process engineering and chemical reaction engineering. The portfolio of international authors, which is published exclusively in English, is geared towards current cross-sector technologies and application markets. The Graduate Textbook series is one example of this: relevant topics, such as energy and raw materials as well as innovations for linking production systems are considered here from a global, multidisciplinary perspective, including with the necessary practical orientation. This new format is therefore particularly aimed at students, young professionals and scientists who are looking for an introduction to the topic.

Reaction Chemistry & Engineering

Reaction Chemistry & Engineering reports cutting-edge research into all aspects of making molecules for the benefit of fundamental research, applied processes and wider society. From fundamental molecular-level chemistry to large-scale chemical production, RCE brings together communities of chemists and chemical engineers working to ensure the crucial role of reaction chemistry in today’s world. Topics include reaction development, scale-up, optimisation, simulation, reactor technology, and catalysis. The journal expects to receive its first Impact Factor in June 2018.


Springer is a leading global publisher of chemistry books, including monographs, textbooks and reference works. We also publish a distinguished portfolio of chemistry journals, often in collaboration with prestigious chemical societies, and including leading open access journals.

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