DETHERM for Research & Teaching

For the sole use in research and teaching DECHEMA is offering special rates for usage of the DETHERM database


DETHERM is one of the world's largest numerical databases for thermophysical property data. Currently it contains 12.5 million data points for around 140.000 chemical systems (mixtures and pure components). Among the properties are:

  • phase equilibrium data (VLE, LLE, SLE)
  • vapor pressures, critical data
  • thermodynamic and transport properties
  • electrolyte data

The database is available both in-house as well as online. Further details you find here.

Classroom Licences

For the sole usage in teaching classroom licenses of DETHERM are available. They contain the data of 30 components (and their mixtures). In addtion to the retrieval software and the data also the data regression module DPP could be included.

General Academic Conditions

For academic usage of the DETHERM database DECHEMA e.V. offers special discounts may be given on request:

  • 50 % off for usage of DETHERM ... on the WEB
  • 50 % off for in-house installations of DETHERM
A) Usage of DETHERM ... on the WEB

For usage of DETHERM ... on the WEB academic institutions can get a discount of 50 % on the normal prices listed. To get an academic account, please proceed as follows:

  1. Use the online registration procedere and register as normal user.
  2. Download the academic usage agreement , sign it and send it DECHEMA e.V..

After the signed academic usage agreement is received, the account you primarily have set up in step 1 will be altered to the academic conditions.

B) In-house installations

For in-house installations academic institutions receive may receive a discount of 50 % on data packages and software. For in-house installations one can choose among a variety of different data packages. Please contact us for details and for individual offers tailored to your needs.

Please contact Mr. U. Westhaus for further details and also demo packages.

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