1st CO2-WIN conference
BMBF funding measure - CO2 as a sustainable source of carbon

8. - 9. Juni 2021

Virtual Event

The BMBF funding measure "CO2 as a sustainable source of carbon - Pathways to industrial application (CO2-WIN)" focuses on the areas of electrochemical conversion of CO2, chemical and biotechnological processes for the production of sustainable chemicals and fuels, and mineralisation using COto produce climate-friendly building materials. 

During our first CO2-WIN conference first results will be presented to the public - learn more about the latest breakthroughs in the field of carbon dioxide utilization and get in touch with experts from industry, academia and policy.

Eleven funded projects will be introduced. Participation is free of charge. Further information will follow shortly.

More input on the BMBF funding measure can be found here:www.co2-utilization.net/en/



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