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26th ATC 2017: Industrial Inorganic Chemistry - Materials and Processes

Poster Programme

Materials for Fuel-Cell Technology
P1.01 Electro-oxidation of hydrazine catalyzed by the porous nanostructured Ni/AuNi electrode
I. Nazari Haghighi¹
¹ University of Tabriz/IR
P1.02 Electrooxidation of sodium borohydride on porous nanostructured Ni/PtNi electrode in basic media
I. Nazari Haghighi¹
¹ University of Tabriz/IR
P1.03 Porous metal-oxides as stable supports for acidic OER and ORR catalysis
D. Jalalpoor¹; J. Knossalla¹; E. Pizzutilo²; K. Mayrhofer³; F. Schüth¹
¹ Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung, Mülheim an der Ruhr/D; ² Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH, Düsseldorf/D; ³ Helmholtz-Institut für Erneuerbare Energien, Erlangen-Nürnberg/D
P1.04 Pt-free membrane electrode assemblies for the ADEFC
B. Cermenek¹; J. Ranninger¹; I. Kaltenboeck¹; B. Feketeföldi²; C. Spirk²; V. Hacker¹
¹ Graz University of Technology, Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology, Graz/A; ² JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH/Materials, Institute for Surface Technologies and Photonics, Weiz/A

Rechargeable zinc-air battery using choline acetate ionic liquid as electrolyte

A. Shah¹; S. Mariappan¹; J. Drillet¹

¹ DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut, Frankfurt am Main/D


Proton conductivity of metal organic frameworks loaded with protic ionic liquid

M. Einemann¹; C. Seidler¹; M. Wark¹

¹ Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg/D


Pt@ITOTR (Yolk@Shell) nanostructured electrocatalysts for ORR

K. Vuyyuru¹; Y. Xin²; A. Heilemann²; A. Fischer²

¹ Freiburger Materialforschungszentrum/D; ² Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg/D


Hydrophobic nanoreactor templating - Bimetallic Yolk@Shell electrocatalysts for glucose oxidation

T. Unmüssig¹; A. Guiet²; A. Fischer¹

¹ Universität Freiburg/D; ² TU Berlin/D

Heterogeneous Catalysts free of Precious Metals
P2.01 Hydrothermally stable support materials for the conversion of biomass
M. Schöneborn¹; P. Bussian¹; T. Harmening²; K. Heidkamp²; M. Kuhn²
¹ Sasol Germany GmbH, Hamburg/D; ² Sasol Germany GmbH, Brunsbüttel/D
P2.02 Selective modified zeolite as catalyst for alkylation of benzene with ethylene
M. Al-Kinany¹; H. Al-Megren¹; E. Alghilan¹; P. Edwards²; T. Xiao²; S. Al-Drees¹; B. Al Hudaib¹; S. Aldrees¹; K. Alshamrani¹
¹ King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology, Riyadh/SAR; ² University of Oxford/UK
P2.03 Studies on the Brownmillerite CaFeO2.5: support and/or catalyst?
H. Kaper¹; B. Penkala²; W. Paulus³
¹ CNRS, Cavaillon/F; ² Saint-Gobain CREE, Cavaillon/F; ³ Institut Charles Gerhardt, Université de Montpellier/F
P2.04 Role of cations allocation in Fe-Ni hydrotalcite like-compounds on the OER
A. Guzman-Vargas¹; J. Vazquez-Samperio¹; M. Oliver-Tolentino¹; E. Lima-Muñoz²; J. Flores-Moreno³
¹ Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), CDMX/MEX; ² Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), CDMX/MEX; ³ Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-A, CDMX/MEX
P2.05 Phosphate substituted dithiolene complexes as model for the active site of molybdenum and tungsten dependent oxidoreductases
C. Schulzke¹; M. Ahmadi¹
¹ Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Universität Greifswald/D
P2.06 Rhenium as an alternative central metal in models for molybdenumand tungsten-dependent oxidoreductase
N. Chrysochos¹; C. Schulzke1
¹ University of Greifswald/D
P2.07 Silica-based hierarchical monoliths in heterogeneous high-pressure solid-liquid catalysis (HPSLC)
C. Haas¹; T. Müllner¹; R. Kohns²; D. Enke²; U. Tallarek¹
¹ Philipps-Universität Marburg/D; ² Universität Leipzig/D

New iron catalysts for CO oxidation

S. Schlicher¹; M. Bauer¹

¹ Universität Paderborn/D 


Hydrophobized hopcalite nanoparticle catalysts via flame-spray pyrolysis for catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide under wet conditions

K. Wegner¹; T. Biemelt¹; J. Teichert¹; M. Lohe¹; J. Martin¹;

J. Grothe¹; S. Kaskel¹

¹ Technische Universität Dresden/D


Iron based CO oxidation: a structure-activity correlation

R. Schoch¹; M. Bauer¹

¹ University of Paderborn/D


Catalytic activity of zeolite X with different morphologies in a Claisen-Schmidt condensation

B. Reiprich¹; A. Inayat²; W. Schwieger¹

¹ Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg/D;

² University of York, Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence/UK

 Modern Methods in Chemical Analysis
P3.01 Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF): prospects and limitations in nanoparticle characterisation
A. Jochem¹; A. Hegetschweiler¹; T. Kraus¹
¹ INM - Leibniz-Institut für Neue Materialien gGmbH, Saabrücken/D
P3.02 High-pressure solid-liquid catalysis (HPSLC): A novel analytical approach for the characterisation of continuous-flow microreactors
C. Haas¹; T. Müllner¹; U. Tallarek¹
¹ Philipps-Universität Marburg/D
Glass as innovative Material for High-Tech Applications
P4.01 Porous glass ceramics based on TiO2 and Al2O3 for catalytic applications
A. Barascu¹; D. Enke¹
¹ Universität Leipzig/D

Functional glass membranes for electrochemical applications manufactured by pulsed laser deposition
F. Gerlach¹; K. Ahlborn¹; W. Vonau¹; O. Bähre²; G. Klöß²
¹ Kurt-Schwabe-Institut für Mess- und Sensortechnik e.V. Meinsberg, Waldheim/D;
² Universität Leipzig/D

P5.01 Extending the concept of heavier vinyl lithium analogues towards germanium
L. Klemmer¹; Y. Kaiser1; D. Nieder1; D. Scheschkewitz1
¹ Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken-Dudweiler/D
P5.02 Synthesis and functionalization of siliconoids
Y. Heider¹; D. Scheschkewitz¹
¹ Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken/D
P5.03 Thio-functionalized disilenes on gold surfaces and their characterization by atomic force microscopy
T. Büttner¹; P. Willmes²; C. Präsang²; D. Scheschkewitz²
¹ Saarland University, Eppelborn/D; ² Saarland University, Saarbrücken/D
P5.04 Stable functionalized unsaturated silicon clusters (siliconoids)
N. Poitiers¹; K. Leszczyńska1; D. Scheschkewitz1
¹ Saarland University, Saarbrücken-Dudweiler/D
P5.05 Metal complexes of disilane substituted crown ethers
K. Reuter¹; C. von Hänisch¹
¹ Philipps-Universität Marburg/D
P5.06 High intercalation level of lithium in disordered rock-salt inorganic materials
R. Chen¹; R. Hempelmann²
¹ KIST Europe GmbH, Saarbrücken/D; ² Saarland University, Saarbrücken/D
P5.07 Synthesis of ligand systems that mimic different features of molybdopterin
I. Trentin¹; C. Schulzke1
¹ Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald/D

Synthesis of a new zeolitic imidazolate framework employing ammonia as modulator

T. Heinemeyer¹; S. Springer¹; M. Wiebcke¹; P. Behrens¹

¹ Leibniz Universität Hannover/D


Multifunctional core-shell nanoparticles for implant-directed magnetic drug targeting and bioimaging

D. Warwas¹; J. Reifenrath²; N. Angrisani²; M. Kietzmann³;

J. Meißner³; P. Behrens¹

¹ Leibniz Universität Hannover/D; ² Medizinische Hochschule Hannover/D; ³ Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover/D


Au₁₀₈S₂₄(PPh₃)₁₆: A new highly symmetric metalloid gold cluster shows novel structure motifs in the chemistry of thiolated gold clusters

S. Kenzler¹; C. Schrenk¹; A. Schnepf¹

¹ Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen/D


Catalytic active platinum at spherical activated carbon for the detoxification of formaldehyde at room temperature

E. Schade¹; F. Wisser²; J. Grothe¹; S. Kaskel¹

¹ TU Dresden, Dresden/D; ² IRCELYON, Lyon/F


Synthesis and functionalization of fluorescent silica nanoparticles for application in nanocomposites

N. Klippel¹; G. Kickelbick¹

¹ Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken/D


Anionic ring-opening polymerization on the surface of silicon dioxide nanoparticles

A. Koch¹; G. Kickelbick¹

¹ Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken/D


Recovery of rare earth elements and platinum-group metals from tailings and production residues

A. Bachmann¹; K. Kazmierczak²; C. Gellermann²; T. Brämer²;

R. Stauber²

¹ Fraunhofer-Projektgruppe IWKS des Fraunhofer ISC, Hanau/D; ² Fraunhofer-Projektgruppe IWKS des Fraunhofer ISC, Alzenau/D


Impact of synthesis and sintering approach on the charge transport in electro-ceramics

K. Klauke¹; B. Kayaalp¹; A. Iannaci²; V. Sglavo²; S. Mascotto¹

¹ University of Hamburg/D; ² University of Trento/I


Melt dewetting based metal microfibers

E. Sharifikolouei¹; A. Micoulet¹; M. Watari¹; R. Mager²;

G. Stephani³; M. Seip³; J. Binzer3; J. Spatz¹

¹ Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg/D; ² Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart/D; ³ J.C.Binzer MFT GmbH, Frankenberg/D


Near infrared absorbing properties of Cu2PO4OH

E. Perez-Barrado¹; R. Darton²; A. Spiller³; D. Guhl³

¹ Keele University and Keeling & Walker Ltd., Staffordshire/UK; ² Keele University, Staffordshire/UK; ³ Keeling & Walker Ltd., Stoke-on-Trent/UK


Pulsation reactor and rotary kiln as versatile technologies for tuning the properties of metal oxide particles

C. Hoffmann¹; M. Ommer¹; T. Rensch¹

¹ IBU-tec advanced materials AG, Weimar/D


Hyper giant conductivity observed at room temperature in metal/carbon compound materials

H.W.P. Koops, HaWilKo GmbH, Ober-Ramstadt/D

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