Young Scientist Workshop: Chemistry and Advanced Materials for Additive Manufacturing of Metals and Alloys

10. - 11. Oktober 2019 Industriepark Wolfgang / Hanau Teaserbild

The development of materials for additive manufacturing is a challenge that requires the collaboration of materials scientists, chemistry, and process engineers. This workshop will bring young scientists together to discuss how metals and alloys can be designed to meet industrial requirements.

A broad variety of materials and technologies for additive manufactu-ring methods (AM) or 3D printed objects are currently under develop-ment. Process technologies develop fast, while designers, engineers and OEMs turn the new options into products of use. However, mat-ching industrial requirements is an immense challenge as material pro-perties, process speed or other technical, ecological or economic issu-es must be taken into account. Furthermore, AM methods, materials and processes have not become standardized or were fed into statutory regulations.

Participants will present their recent work to discuss progress and chal-lenges in an open atmosphere. Applications may range from electronic fine structures and devices, display architectures, precision metal prin-ting to macroscopic turbines and screw propellers.

-       Submissions of posters are mandatory

-       Oral speeches are optional

Who: Young scientists from inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, metallurgy, materials processing and engineering
Topics: ► raw materials manufacturing;formulation;powder handling;printing;welding; melting; sintering; dispensing, etc.


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