Himmelfahrtstagung 2018: Heterogeneities - A key for understanding and upscaling of bioprocesses in up- and downstream

7. - 9. Mai 2018
Dorint Herrenkrug Parkhotel, Magdeburg/D

The overall performance of bioprocesses is influenced by heterogeneities in all steps of the production process. Heterogeneities of substrates, culture conditions, microbial populations and products have been the subject of intensive research, but the real impact on bioprocesses remains poorly understood. On the one hand, the lack of understanding mirrors the difficulties in monitoring and modelling heterogeneities under dynamic process conditions. On the other hand, their controlled use offers great potential for bioprocess development, for instance by installing mixed cultures for the production of rare products.  The “Himmelfahrtstagung” 2018 discusses concepts of wanted and unwanted heterogeneities focusing on the complete process chain from the cell to the product. 

The "Himmelfahrtstagung" – a 3-day annual conference happening the week before Ascension Day – is the main event for Bioprocess and Biochemical engineers in Germany since more than 30 years. In the last years the internationalisation of the conference is continuing unabated, leading to an increased exchange with international colleagues.   


  • Substrate heterogeneities
  • Mixed cultures and population dynamics
  • Reaction engineering of heterogeneous processes
  • Product heterogeneities
  • Handling of heterogeneities in up- and downstream processing
  • Modelling of heterogeneities
  • Aggregates
  • Open topics - New Developments presented by young researchers

Special features of this conference are the high number of participants from industry, an open culture of discussion amongst the participants as well as sufficient time for the scientific exchange. Finally, as second essential pillar besides the core topic, the ‘Himmelfahrtstagung’ serves as a platform for young scientists to present their results to the scientific community. As such, young researches are invited to submit their work to the committee for getting the chance of presentation, irrespective of the topic of the conference.




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