9th International Conference on Combinatorial and High-Throughput Materials Science


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FInal Programme

Keynote Speakers:

E. Amis (University of Akron/USA)
“Science in the valley of death”

A. Cooper (University of Liverpool/ UK)
“The Materials Design Engine: Integrating computation, synthesis and measurement for high-throughput materials discovery”

C. Drummond (RMIT/AU)
“High throughput approaches for developing amphiphile self-assembly materials”

B. Hayden (University of Southampton/UK)
"Combinatorial Synthesis and High Throughput Screening of Solid State Materials and Composites in Devices.”

A. Karim (University of Akron/USA)
“High-Throughput Polymer Materials Science for Directed Assembly of Polymer Thin Films”

L. Kemp (Clariant/D)
"HTE is more than just buying a robot…: Clariant launches a new high tech lab designed to strike a highly productive balance between mechanized research and High Throughput experimentation"

J. Lauterbach (University of South Carolina/USA)
"Statistically guided synthesis and high-throughput screening – a powerful combination for catalyst discovery”

R. Ott (Ames Laboratory/USA)
"Rapid Assessment of Magnet Alloys: From Soft to Hard"

J. Perkins (NREL/USA)
Challenges in Advancing Materials-by-Design Beyond Equilibrium Materials"

K. Thurow (celisca/D)
"Concepts and Strategies in Automating Life Science Laboratories - What`s next?”



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