22. International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium

Educational Courses and Excursions

In the context of the IBS 2017, educational courses and excursions will be offered.

Please note that they will have to be booked and paid separately; they are not part of IBS 2017.

Information on the dates and content as well as booking information will be published here as soon as possible. Please take the dates into account when planning your journey to IBS 2017.

Following courses & excursions will be offered:


Registration for the Taught Course in Freiberg and the excursions is now open until 31 July 2017! For further information on registration and payment please visit http://tu-freiberg.de/forschung/bhmz/events/ibs-2017-excursions. Here you will also find the registration form.

Taught Course “Strategic Metal Recovery”

11th to 22nd September 2017 at TU Freiberg    (two-weeks course)

The institutes of Technical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Environmental Microbiology of TU Bergakademie Freiberg organize a taught course on recovery of indium from (bio)leaching solutions. The workshop contains practical labwork and theoretical parts.

For details please click here.

The participation in the taught course is free of charge.
Please note that accommodation and maintenance are not included!

Taught Course “Bioremediation of Mining Sites”

Saturday, 23th September 2017 in Dresden

Main topics of the course will be

- Bioremediation of Mining Sites (S. Willscher, University Halle, Germany)
- Advances in Remediation of Uranium Mining Areas (A. Kassahun, WISMUT GmbH Germany)
- Large-Scale Remediation and Revegetation of Large Open-Cast Mining Areas (F.C. Benthaus, LMBV mbH, Germany)


Please note the change of the address:

TU Dresden
Gerber-Bau, Room 007,  ground floor (GER/007/U)
Bergstrasse 53
01069 Dresden / Germany

How to get there

Fee for PhD students and young scientists from emerging countries 30 €, for other researchers 45 € (including lunch and coffee break).

Contact:  Ms. S. Willscher

Online Registration courses & excursions

Excursion A) Visit of the underground in-situ bioleaching site for indium and zinc in the mine Reiche Zeche, Freiberg

28th and 29th September 2017

The research and educational mine of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg is a central institution of the university and provides unique conditions regarding safety, climate, dimensions and scientific possibilities for over 30 different underground test sites of university and external institutes. One of the latest testing facilities to be implemented is the site of in-situ bioleaching of sulfide ores. Investigations are focused on different conditioning methods to generate hydraulic flowpaths on mineral surface between different production holes within the intact, massive ore body.

 For details please click here.

Cost per person: around 15 €.
Contact: Ms. S. Schopf, TU Freiberg

Online Registration

Excursion B) Open lignite mine Welzow & Dresden

planned: 28th -29th September 2017

Day 1: Open lignite mine Welzow with recultivation and iron sludge recycling

• Open pit lignite mine Welzow-South; reculativation (technical covering, plantation) of the deplected subfields

• Water treatment plant “Am Wolkenberg”

• Iron sludge recycling plant in Lauta (production of off-gas treatment additives and water treatment reagents from iron hydroxide sludges)

Day 2 (optional): Sightseeing of the historical royal town of Dresden

Estimated costs per person:

- technical excursion around 30 € (bus transfer) plus lunch (around 5 €)
- accommodation (59 € single room, 79 € double room), dinner self payment, lunch at (Cosel Palais) 22 €
- charges for the entry ticket “Green Vault” and sight seeing tour: approx. 26 €

Number of participants: max. 33 participants. Please note: This tour will only take place when at least 25 participants have booked the tour.

For details please click here.

Contact:  Ms. S. Willscher

Online Registration

Excursion C) Mine Water Treatment Plants Schlema/Alberoda and Pöhla and Mine “Zinnkammern Pöhla e. V.”

Thursday, 28th September 2017

For 25 years the WISMUT company has been responsible for the remediation of former uranium mining sites in Saxony and Thuringia in Eastern Germany. The company focusses on monitoring, remediation and water management in these former mining sites. During the excursion you will visit two mine water remediation plants operated by the WISMUT company. The tour will continue to the visitor tin mine in Pöhla ‘Zinnkammern Pöhla e.V.’ There you will participate in a guided tour through the mine and enjoy a dinner for miners (‘Bergbrot’) before returning to Freiberg.

For details please click here.

Cost per person: around 45 €, lunch is not included.

Number of participants: max. 40 participants. Please note: This tour will only take place when at least 25 participants have booked the tour.

Contact: Ms. S. Schopf, TU Freiberg

Online Registration


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