Jahrestreffen Reaktionstechnik 2019 gemeinsam mit der Fachgruppe Mehrphasenströmungen

27. - 29. Mai 2019
Festung Marienberg, Würzburg/Germany

Annual Meeting on Reaction Engineering 2019 in Corporation with the Subject Division Multiphase Flows

The Annual Meeting on Reaction Engineering offers scientists from industry, research institutions and universities the opportunity to discuss their work, learn about latest developments and expand their network. 

This year the meeting is organised by the ProcessNet Subject Division Reaction Engineering in cooperation with the Subject Division Multiphase Flows.

Multiphase reaction systems are frequently encountered in chemical industries. Thus, one focus of the upcoming meeting will be laid on new insights into the complex interplay of fluid dynamics, heat and mass transport, and the intrinsic kinetics in multiphase reactors.

The second focus will be set on electrochemical reaction engineering which gains more and more importance due to the constantly increasing share of electricity produced from solar and wind energy.

Due to the international orientation of the meeting presentations are held in English.

Four plenary lectures given by well-known scientists, a poster party and a conference dinner set the scene for inspiring discussions and conversations. As in previous years, the German Annual Meeting on Reaction Engineering 2019 takes place at the Fortress Marienberg.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Würzburg.

Plenary lectures 2019

Energetic efficiency of drop breakup and mass transfer accompanied by chemical reactions in liquid-liquid systems
Prof. Jerzy Baldyga, Warsaw University of Technology

Solid oxide steam-CO2 co-electrolysis: from theoretical analysis to the cell design aspects
Prof. Karel Bouzek, University of Chemistry and Technology Prague

Contribution of reaction engineering to the long-term reduction of CO2- emissions by process innovation
Dr. Kai Ehrhardt, BASF SE

Micro- and Macrokinetics in Electrochemical Cells
Prof. Ulrike Krewer, University of Technology Braunschweig






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