Infoday "The future of Synthesis Gas"

29. Oktober 2014
DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt am Main/Germany

 29 October 2014 - DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt am Main/Germany


Growing demand – especially in developing countries -, increasing costs of exploration and production as well as environmental and geopolitical concerns are drivers to gradually shift the raw material basis away from today dominating crude oil.

To secure a more sustainable production of chemicals, transportation fuel and energy process on the basis of C1 building blocks such as methane, CO and CO2 are becoming more and more important.

In this context synthesis gas (CO/H2) generated both from fossil and renewable resoources is at the crossroads of many advanced chemical conversion routes. In many cases it also opens the option to recycle CO2 to be used as a carbon source. Examples are efficiency improvements in Hydroformylation, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and Methanol generation and conversion into various chemicals, clean fuels and chemical energy storage.

The information day provides an overview and perspective update on improved processes on the basis of CO, CO2 and hydrogen which is to be seen as a sustainable alternative to crude oil and its derivatives.


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