1st European Conference on Metal Organic Frameworks and Porous Polymers

Keynote Lectures

The following persons agreed to give a keynote lecture:

AntoniettiM Prof. Dr. Markus Antonietti
Max-Planck-Institut für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenforschung, Potsdam, Germany

Carbon frameworks with controlled chemistry and pore architecture by supramolecular preorganization
DincaM Dr. Mircea Dinca
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA

Intrinsic charge transport in microporous metal-organic frameworks: fundamentals and applications

Dr. Donglin Jiang
Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki, Japan

Covalent Organic Frameworks: a platform for crystalline optoelectronics

KapteijnF Prof. Freek Kapteijn
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Metal Organic Framework based mixed matrix membranes: a solution for highly efficient CO2 capture?
KitagawaS Prof. Susumu Kitagawa
Kyoto University, Japan

Soft porous coordination polymers - structures and functions
MaurinG Prof. Guillaume Maurin
Université de Montpellier, CNRS-Institut Charles Gerhardt Université, France

Accelerating development of MOFs using molecular modelling



Evening Lecture

FereyG Prof. Dr. Gérard Férey
Université de Versailles St. Quentin, Paris, France

A personal view of the past, present and future of MOFs, PCPs and related solids





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