15th International Symposium on Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion in the Process Industries and accompanying exhibition

Loss Prevention - a symposium with long tradition

The rapid development and expansion of the process industries in the European Com-munity (EC) back in the 1960s led in various EC countries in frequent incidents with explosions, fires and dispersion of toxics. In order to deal with this alarming situation efforts were initiated within and between these countries to exchange knowledge and expertise.

One result of these efforts was the formation of the Working Party Loss Prevention in the frame of the European Federation of Chemical Engineers. One of the main activities of the working party has been from the very beginning the organization of a series of triennial sympo-sia of which the upcoming, the fifteenth, will take place in Freiburg in June 2016.


Past Loss Prevention symposia
1st 1974 Delft/Netherlands
2nd 1977 Heidelberg/Germany
3rd 1980 Basel/Switzerland
4th 1983 Harrogate/UK
5th 1986 Cannes/France
6th 1989 Oslo/Norway
7th 1992 Taormina/Italy
8th 1995 Antwerp/Belgium
9th 1998 Barcelona/Spain
10th 2001 Stockholm/Sweden
11th 2004 Prague/Czech Republic
12th 2007 Edinburgh/UK
13th 2010 Brugge/Belgium
14th 2013 Florence/Italy
15th 2016 Freiburg/Germany



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