6th International Conference on Self-Healing Materials

Greeting address

Greeting address by Christoph Weder, University of Fribourg/CH
Materials that self-heal or can be healed after sustaining damage have the potential to improve the reliability, functionality, and lifetime of many products. During the last decade, research and development efforts in this domain have afforded spectacular progress. The 6th International Conference on Self-Healing Materials is a unique opportunity to share and receive up-to-date information on the state of the field and I look very much forward to participate in this event.

Greeting address by Scott White, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/USA
I am tremendously excited to attend the 6th International Conference on Self-Healing Materials (ICSHM 2017).  This meeting is auspicious since it occurs a full decade after the inaugural meeting in Noordwijk, The Netherlands in 2007.  Much progress has been made across a broad spectrum of materials systems over that 10-year period.  I look forward with anticipation to hear from my colleagues in our self-healing community on the most recent advances both scientifically and technically.  Lest we forget an important aspect of these biennial gatherings, I also looking forward to rekindling friendships and collaborations within the social setting that the conference will provide.  See you soon in Friedrichshafen!

Greeting address by Erik Schlangen, TU Delft/NL
For some people Self-Healing or Smart Materials may still seem as kind of magic, but they carry the very real potential to change our roads, buildings and means of transportation. If you attend the 6th ICSHM we will provide you with evidence by showing real applications.

Greeting address by Fátima Montemor, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa/P
The use of organic coatings for corrosion protection has been a dynamic and evolving field with many breakthroughs achievements over the last years – self healing coatings are at the edge and will continue evolving over the next years. The number of publications is growing almost exponentially, as well as the number of events dedicated to the topic. Presently, conferences dealing with coatings, polymers or materials must give dedicated attention to the self-healing topic as it always attract relevant attention and a growing number of papers. 

Greeting address by Hideyuki Otsuka, Tokyo Institute of Technology/J
Most of current polymeric engineering materials have been developed on the basis of a passive “damage prevention” paradigm to prevent the cleavage of irreversible covalent bonds for enhancing the mechanical and thermal properties of the materials. In contrast, self-healing and self-reporting polymers can be designed based on a unique active “damage management” concept, where the damage to the materials can not be avoided but can be detected and repaired before the materials fail.

Greeting address by Ming Qiu Zhang, Sun Yat-sen University/CN
“Healed up without any treatment” ( , bù yào ér yù) ― An idiom widely used in Chinese community, passes the good wish of mankind for those suffering from psychological disturbances or surgical trauma.

Greeting address by Wim G. Sloof, Delft University of Technology/NL
I am looking forward meeting you at the 6th International Conference on Self-Healing Materials in Germany. Since the concept of self-healing materials becoming more and more established, you may expect a status report on self-healing ceramics.  New developments and emerging applications will be shown. Enjoy your stay at this great conference in Friedrichshafen Germany.

Greeting address by Sander Leeuwenburgh, Radboud University, Nijmegen/NL
What a privilege it is to be part of the community of self-healing materials scientists !  During the past decade we have witnessed the emergence of self-healing materials, and now we are all experiencing the rapid maturation of this field towards practical applications that will benefit society at large. I am highly excited to share with you our most recent work on self-healing composites for regenerative medicine, and I look forward to an exciting meeting in Friedrichshafen

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