Webinar: Next generation hydrogen storage and transport

12. September 2017

Hydrogenious Technologies is a global pioneer in the Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) Technology. This new and innovative technology enables safe and efficient hydrogen storage and transport in very large quantities and thus solves today’s issues in hydrogen handling. The LOHC technology is based on a fully reversible hydrogenation / dehydrogenation process, in which hydrogen is chemically bonded to a non-toxic, hardly flammable carrier material. The carrier material used by Hydrogenious can be handled at ambient conditions and still encompasses a storage density, which compares to pressure storage at over 2.000bar pressure. Furthermore, the carrier-oil can be stored and transported in the existing infrastructure for fossil fuels (e.g. at refuelling stations), significantly reducing the required infrastructure investment costs.

With this revolution in the handling of large amounts of hydrogen, Hydrogenious enables the breakthrough of hydrogen technologies and the roll-out of emission-free hydrogen mobility.

This webinar is the first in a loose series featuring finalists and winners of the ACHEMA-Gründerpreis 2015. Meet young entrepreneurs, learn about their innovative technologies and explore the opportunities they offer for your business.

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