ISIC 21 - 21st International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization

Sustainability at ISIC 21


The organizers of  21st ISIC and DECHEMA, as non-profit organisation for chemical engineering and biotechnology experts, are dedicated to the development of innovation that contributes to sustainability and well-being. We are striving to minimize the environmental impact of our conferences. Therefore we have committed ourselves to an effective use of resources, careful planning of catering services as well as promoting sustainable modes of transport.

For the 21st ISIC which originally should take place in Potsdam/D in the year 2020 we had calculated the event-related emissions and DECHEMA already contributed a carbon offset in the amount of 861 € to the projects of Atmosfair gGmbH. These projects aim to reduce CO2 emissions and support sustainable development by transferring technology and combating poverty.



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