Biomaterials - Made in Bioreactors

26. - 28. Mai 2014
Radisson Blu Parkhotel Radebeul

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Tradition for the future - the Himmelfahrtstagung

The "Himmelfahrtstagung" - a 3-day annual conference held the week before Ascension Day - is the main event for German Bioprocess and Biochemical engineers. The conference is organised by the working party Biochemical Engineering of DECHEMA - German Society for
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. In the 30 year history of the conference a lot of momentum for the successful development of German Biotechnology has been initiated. The main characteristic of the conference is the open and constructive discussion culture. The
organisers feel their passionate engagement to continue with this success story and they have arrived at two decisions. 1. The idea of the "Himmelfahrtstagung" is perfect and should not be changed. 2. It is not fair that only German speaking scientists should participate
- in 2014 for first time English will be the official conference language.

Conference focus

The focus of the conference 2014 will be "Biomaterials - Made in Bioreactors". In recent years fascinating trends in the development of new bioprocesses and bioproducts have been observed in this area. The diversity of substances produced in biotechnical processes
is rapidly increasing. Besides precursors for different applications, more and more materials with specific functions can be produced.
The synthesis of performance proteins, composite materials and surface active substances is of special interest as well as the biocatalytic modification of natural materials. Furthermore, aptamer production and other up-coming products from synthetic biotechnology
will be focused upon at the conference. The field of applications will reach from applications in machine construction to the packaging industry up to applications in medicine.

In the name of the organisation committee we would like to invite you to submit your recent results in these fields. Biochemical engineers as well as scientists from relevant disciplines are invited to participate at the conference to discuss novel trends in the production of biomaterials. As well as submissions to the topics of the thematic focus, submissions to a second open-topic section are highly welcome. In this section of the conference young scientists are encouraged
to report on their research projects in all areas of biochemicalengineering.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bley          Dr. Dirk Holtmann

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