Synthetic DNA: Writing with the letters of life

24. Januar 2012 Frankfurt am Main

Latest technologies of DNA synthesis allow for the production of mega base pair (Mbp) strands. Complete genes and gene clusters, even artificial chromosomes and viral and bacterial genomes can be sythesized today. The potential for biological research, biomedicine, and biotechnology appears to be boundless: tedious procedures of genetic engineering are becoming obsolete and the rational design of biosynthetic pathways (metabolic engineering) for the production of valuable natural products and proteins is tremendously facilitated.

Moreover, the de novo construction of complete microorganisms - already technically feasible - should come within reach if there weren't the lack of knowledge of the functioning of cellular systems.

The internationallly renowned speakers will present the technolgical advances as well as the fascinating projects and perspectives.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012
10.30   Welcome
10.35 Keynote Lecture I
From gene synthesis to synthetic genomes - menu à la carte
  R. Wagner, Life Technologies, Regensburg/D
11.15 Coffeebreak
11.35 The advent of genematics : higher-order automation of nucleic acid synthesis and microbial evolution
  P. Marlière, Heurisko USA Inc, Delaware/USA
12.05 The advent of genematics: higher-order automation of nucleic acid synthesis and microbial evolution
  E. Leproust, S. Chen, J. Lackey, Agilent Technologies Inc, Santa Clara, CA/USA
12.35 Lunch
13.35 Keynote Lecture II
Programming cells
  C. Voigt, MIT, Boston, MA/USA
14.15 Synthetic biology of antibiotic production
  E.Takano, Groningen University/NL
14.45 Tackling synthetic biology from an industry point of view: generating novel and known molecules by assembly of metabolic pathways on yeast artificial chromosomes
   J. Heim, Evolva SA, Reinach/CH
15.15 Coffeebreak
 15.35 Engineering healthy plants: Production of marine-type long-chain fatty acids in plants
  L. Marty, T. Zank, A. Kuijpers, P. Cirpus, J. Bauer, A. Beadle, T. Senger, BASF Plant Science Company GmbH, Ludwigshafen/D
16.05 Consequences of changing codon pair bias on viral gene expression
  S. Mueller, Y. Song, M. Arabov, C. Yang, A. Paul, B. Futcher, C.B. Ward, S. Skiena,
E. Wimmer, Stony Brook University, NY/USA
 16.35 Keynote Lecture III
Synthetic genomics and the construction of a synthetic bacterial cell
  J. Glass, J Craig Venter Institute, Rockville, MD/USA
17.15 End of Conference


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