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Jul 09, 2020

CAFIPLA: The EU project to develop anintegrated strategy for the valorisation of biomass by combining a carboxylic acid and fiber recovery platform started on 1st of June 2020

Over the next three years, the CAFIPLA project promises to develop an innovative approach to bio-economic applications by approaching the use of biomass more pragmatically than usual. Potential biomass supply chains will be identified and business models for future implementation will be examined.

The use of biomass for the bio-economy is mainly based on the use of raw materials based on sugar or starch. They can be associated with high costs for the environment in terms of land use and the consumption of energy and chemical resources. On the other hand, cities and rural regions have a great potential of biowaste streams which, due to their heterogeneity, are currently only valorised to a limited extent or used exclusively in applications of lower economic value. If 2nd generation raw materials such as straw, wood chips or other residues are used, complex pre-treatment methods are required. In order to increase the use of bio-waste as a source of raw materials for the bio-economy, a completely new approach is required.

Over the next three years, the EU project CAFIPLA will develop an integrated strategy for the valorisation of biomass that combines carboxylic acid and fibre recovery in one platform. The aim of this combination is the recovery of fatty acids and fibres from biogenic residues and waste materials and their further conversion into economically relevant compounds. A TRL5 pilot will demonstrate the CAFIPLA upscaling potential.CAFIPLA will furthermore study the biomass supply chain and the business models for future implementation. The well-balanced consortium, including 7 SMEs on 13 participants, will ensure successful research and impact on the bio-economy well beyond the project consortium and timing. DECHEMA is responsible for the market analysis, participates in the LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) and is managing marketing, dissemination and communication activities.






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