DECHEMA Chemistry Data Series, Volume XV

Solubility and Related Properties of Large Complex Chemicals

Authors: J. Abildskov, J. Marrero

This volume contains the solubility of specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biochemicals - large organic molecules with 4 to 40 carbon atoms - in water and in common organic solvents. In industrial production complex chemicals are usually produced by batch processes followed by extraction, adsorption or crystallization. Therefore, the knowledge of solubility information is a key factor in various stages of specialty chemical processing.

All solubility data are true measured values at the specified conditions. They are tabulated as a function of temperature. Literature references and experimental conditions are also given. All solute molecules are identified by their CAS Registry number and their molecular structure. The latter is also represented as Smiles strings and decomposed into functional groups. This feature give the reader the opportunity to calculate or estimate the thermophysical properties of the solutes.

In addition to the binary solid-liquid equilibrium data the volume contains melting point, enthalpy of fusion, Hildebrand's solubility parameter and octanol/water partition coefficients of the solutes.


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  CDS Volume XV, Part 1 Organic Solutes ranging from C4 to C40
2003, ISBN 3-89746-051-3, 530 pages
  CDS Volume XV, Part 2 Organic Solutes ranging from C2 to C41
2005, ISBN 3-89746-074-2, 454 pages
  CDS Volume XV, Part 3 Organic Solutes ranging from C4 to C40 in mixed solvents
By Switree Kalakul, Martin Dela Ellegard and Jens Abildskov
2014, ISBN 978-3-89746-151-2



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