PRAXISforum Enzymes for Industrial Applications 2016


The 2016 PRAXISforum Enzymes for Industrial Applications was showcasing the latest developments and newest products in enzyme technology. Ready to use in your processes! Attendees saw featured presentations from companies, such as BASF, Bielefeld University, Biocatalysts, DuPont, EnginZyme, Enzymicals, evoxx technologies, GlycoSpot, INOFEA, Novozymes, Roche Diagnostics, SeSaM-Biotech, SpinChem and TU Munich.


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Tuesday, 8 November 2016
09:30 Registration, Opening of exhibition
11:00 Opening and welcome address
K. Rübberdt, Head of Biotechnology
DECHEMA e.V., Germany
11:10 Welcome address
R. Waldschmidt, CEO
Hessen Trade & Invest, Germany
11:15 Impulse
Some showcases of genomics, metagenomics, microbiomics and other bioinformatics-driven technologies in our innovation pipeline at Novozymes
M. Borchert, Head of Bioinformatics and Microbe Technology, R&D
Novozymes, Denmark
11:55 Impulse
Integration of Biotransformations in Chemical Muklti-Step Processes for Fine and Bulk Chemicals
H. Gröger, Chair of Organic Chemistry I
Bielefeld University, Germany


Lunch and networking at exhibition floors

14:00 From Gene to Product - Pathways, Processes, Products
S. Freyer, Head of Bioprocess Development
BASF, Germany
14:30 The championship of enzyme engineering – How to win the cup
D. Schönauer, CEO
SeSaM-Biotech, Germany
15:00 Developing tailor-made enzymes for diagnostic application
M. Bönitz-Dulat, Head of Enzyme Development
Roche Diagnostics, Germany


Interactive networking and discussion @ "topic tables", Exhibition Walktrough

16:45 High-throughput assay for enzyme screening
J. Schückel, Research Scientist
GlycoSpot, Denmark
17:15 EziG Enzyme Immobilization: One method for all enzyme types
Karim E. Cassimjee, CEO
EnginZyme, Sweden
17:45 SpinChem® is transforming your solutions
E. Byström, CEO
SpinChem, Sweden


Interactive networking and discussion @ "topic tables", Exhibition Walkthrough
19:00 Networking Dinner
(Location: Bar Life-Style@Maritim Hotel, Theodor-Heuss-Allee 3, 60486 Frankfurt/M.)
23:00 End of first PRAXISforum day
Wednesday, 9 November 2016
08:30 Re-Opening exhibition
09:00 Chemo-enzymatic conversion of biomass constituents
V. Sieber, Chair of Chemistry of Biogenic Ressources
TU Munich, Germany
09:30 Exploitation of plant enzymes for fermentative production of high value terpenoids
G. Jach, CSO
Phytowelt GreenTechnologies, Germany
10:00 Empowering enzymes for wider use in high-value pharma applications
Y. Dudal, CEO
INOFEA, Switzerland
10:30 The latest tools and technologies for enzyme discovery and development
A. Ellis, Technical Director
Biocatalysts, United Kingdom


Interactive networking and discussion @ "topic tables", Exhibition Walkthrough
12:15 Biocatalytical process development up to kg-scale
U. Menyes, CEO
Enzymicals, Germany
12:45 Enzymes and carbohydrate ingredients for a healthy nutrition
L. Wiemann
Evoxx Technologies, Germany
13:15 Closing Keynote
Enzymatic production of soluble carbohydrate fiber
R. DiCosimo, DuPont Fellow
DuPont Industrial Biosciences, USA


Lunch at exhibition floors, interactive networking and discussion @ "topic tables"
15:15 End of PRAXISforum
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