DECHEMA Autumn Special – The Blockchain Forge



10:00 Welcome and Introduction  
10:15 Introduction to Blockchain technology and examples
P. Nguyen, Innoblock
  Session 1: Use-Cases in Process Industry  
10:45 Potential impact of blockchain technology on traditional business processes
H.-G. Lux, Evonik
11:05 Coffee break  
11:10 Visual Demo 1 – Hash Values  
11:15 Blockchain as enabler for plastics tracing and high value recycling
J. Fox, Covestro
11:35 Visual Demo 2 – Creating a block  
11:40 Blockchain-anchored Identities and credentials enabling digital transformation in Pharma
D. Fritz, Novartis
12:00 Q&A: Operator view on Blockchain projects – from idea to implementation
H.-G. Lux, J. Fox, D. Fritz
12:15 Lunch Break  
13:00 DECHEMA status paper Blockchain in Process Industry  
  Session 2: Building Trust
13:10 Cloud Identity Wallet for Regulated Industries
C. Stöcker, Spherity
13:30 Bridging the Gap - 'blockchainifying' industrial processes and goods by using dedicated blockchain hardware
S. Becker, Riddle&Code
13:50 Podium discussion - Governance, Security and Trust
C. Stöcker, S. Becker
14:05 Coffee break  
14:15 Visual Demo 3 – Building a Blockchain  
  Session 3: Partners for Implementation
14:20 How Blockchain delivers value and increases transparency & efficiency in your business
C. Schultze-Wolters, IBM
14:40 Circular economy in plastics with the help of blockchain
M. Sabur, Circularise
15:00 Podium discussion
Finding the right partner for my project? ecosystem provider, specialized start-up, or consultant
C. Schultze-Wolters, M. Sabur, P. Nguyen


Meet the experts

please note the following changes

1. Blockchain in Production and Supply Chain Management
H.-G. Lux, Evonik; S. Becker, Riddle&Code; D. Fritz, Novartis;
C. Stöcker, Spherity

2. Blockchain Ecosystems and Circular Economy
J. Fox, Covestro;  C. Schultze-Wolters, IBM;  M. Sabur, Circularise,
P. Nguyen, Innoblock


16:00 End of the event  
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