DECHEMA Autumn Special – The Blockchain Forge


Speakers: DECHEMA Autum Special

Nguyen Phuong

Blockchain can be a game changer to create trust, reduce misunderstandings and to pull together in the same direction.

Phuong Nguyen

Heinz-Günter Lux

Blockchain technology offers an entirely new solution space for the utilization of data originating from a trustworthy source
H.-G. Lux

John Fox

Covestro is piloting blockchain-based material tracing to increase partner transparency and extend the value chain to new players that are needed to support a circular economy.

John Fox
Manager Business Model Innovation

Daniel Fritz

Blockchain is a team sport. Now we start a journey to lead the development of interoperable solutions that can eliminate waste, enhance security and privacy, build trust and ultimately benefit patients and the healthcare ecosystem.

Daniel Fritz
Domain Architect Supply Chain and External Supply

Carsten Stöcker

Spherity has already successfully applied its skills in the field of E2E verifiability and supply chain transparency of pharmaceutical products in our projects for the pharmaceutical industry. Spherity's identity wallet technology can provide a breakthrough in digital transformation projects for the regulated process industries.

Carsten Stöcker

Sebastian Becker

Blockchain technology offers powerful and multidimensional stacks that can help to raise the efficiency, security and the level of automationfor industrial processes. On top of that, the settlement and incentivization options of tokenization enables new business opportunities. But in order to plan and govern this new infrastructure of tomorrow, we need to fully understand the dependencies and also how to securely roll out blockchain technology end-to-end.
For critical infrastructure,this means that both will be needed, secure crypto hardware and software,to turn machines into autonomous business agents.

Sebastian Becker

Mesbah Sabur

Circularise’s blockchain technology is used to trace materials, parts and products in the plastic value chain and to track CO2 footprints for some of the products. The company also enables businesses to share data about their products while retaining privacy over sensitive information.
Mesbah Sabur

Christian Schultze-Wolters

A recently published worldwide IBM study describes that 71% of all consumers confirm that it is important to them to know the origin of the goods they are buying and that they are willing to pay (a little) more with the brands that create this transparency.

IBM has built blockchain based solutions that deliver this transparency in a secure and trustful way.

Christian Schultze-Wolters
Director of Blockchain Solutions DACH

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