29th ATC: Industrial Inorganic Chemistry - Materials and Processes

Lecture Programme

(as of 10 February 2020, subject to change)

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Lecture Programme 20 February 2020

Lecture Programme 21 February 2020

Thursday, 20 February 2020

09:00 Registration

Welcome Address

G. Sextl, Fraunhofer ISC, Würzburg/D

Sol-Gel-Chemistry I

Chair: S. Kaskel, TU Dresden/D

Plenary Lecture

Sol-gel derived functional and porous architectures
N. Hüsing¹
¹ Paris Lodron University Salzburg/A

10:55 Novel developments of effect pigments by aqueous sol-gel-processes
C. Plüg¹
¹ Merck KGaA, Darmstadt/D

Coffee Break and Poster Viewing

Sol-Gel-Chemistry I

Chair: N. Hüsing, Paris Lodron University Salzburg/A

11:45 Silica-based aerogels and their applications in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation
B. Milow¹
¹ German Aerospace Center (DLR), Cologne/D
12:15 Nanoparticle synthesis via nonaqueous sol-gel chemistry: recent insights and trends
G. Garnweitner¹
¹ Technische Universität Braunschweig/D

A low temperature wet-chemistry toolbox for the green and up-scalable synthesis of inorganic nanostructures for catalysis
S. Gross¹; F. Spolaore¹; N. Dengo¹; S. Diodati¹; F. Tajoli¹
¹ University of Padova/I


Lunch Break and Poster Viewing

Advanced Characterisation Methods


B. Albert, TU Darmstadt/D

M. Fröba, Universität Hamburg/D

14:00 Disorder, defects and dynamics in functional materials by NMR
J. Schmedt auf der Günne¹
¹ Universität Siegen/D

In-situ Mössbauer spectroscopy for the active site identification in non-precious metal catalysts for fuel cells
U. Kramm¹
¹ TU Darmstadt/D


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing

Industrial Inorganic Chemistry I

S. Kaskel, TU Dresden/D

F. Menzel, Evonik Industries AG, Hanau/D

15:20 Ligand control on aluminum(III) and silicon(IV) – pushing the abundant elements away from their thermodynamic sink
L. Greb¹
¹ Universität Heidelberg/D
15:50 Particle synthesis and thermal treatment in the pulsation reactor
C. Klaus¹; M. Ommer¹
¹ IBU-tec advanced materials AG, Weimar/D
16:20 Material and process development for additive manufacturing of metals
A. Elsen¹
¹ Heraeus Additive Manufacturing GmbH, Hanau/D
16:50 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
17:10 Aerospace applications and challenges in the industrialisation of metal powder bed fusion
W. Alm¹; C. Heine¹
¹ Airbus Operations GmbH, Hamburg/D
Special Lecture
  Chair: G. Sextl, Fraunhofer ISC, Würzburg/D
17:40 Classification of titanium dioxide – the white elephant
A costly but pointless exercise

H. Liewald¹
¹ German Association of Producers of Pigments and Fillers (VDMI), Frankfurt am Main/D
Poster Party

End of the First Day

Friday, 21 February 2020

Sol-Gel-Chemistry II

P. Kirsch, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt/D

W. Müller, Umicore AG & Co. KG, Hanau/D
Tandem Lecture

Sol-Gel derived siloxane polymers as encapsulation materials for rare earth reduced high power LEDs
G. Kickelbick¹; K. Schmidtke²
¹ Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken/D; ² OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH, Regensburg/D

10:00 Supraparticles: new functionalities from building complex entities using colloidal building blocks
K. Mandel¹
¹ Fraunhofer ISC, Würzburg/D
10:20 LUDOX® colloidal silica
A. Lazaro¹; A. Fines²
¹ W. R. Grace, Worms/D; ² W. R. Grace, Columbia, MD/USA
Poster prize Award
10:55 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
Industrial Inorganic Chemistry II

Chairs: G. Sextl, Fraunhofer ISC, Würzburg/D
K. Schierle-Arndt, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen/D

11:30 Hydrogen peroxide – old molecule but future applications
J. Glenneberg¹
¹ Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH, Hanau-Wolfgang/D
12:00 Industrial sulphur chemistry: HydroBlue®90 – a 115 year old product revives
S. Weiguny¹
¹ BASF SE, Ludwigshafen/D
12:30 Hyperpure polysilicon as basis for the semiconductor and solar industry
K. Hesse¹
¹ Wacker Chemie AG, Burghausen/D

Closing remarks

G. Sextl, Fraunhofer ISC, Würzburg/D


End of the programme

Possibility to have lunch at DECHEMA at own costs

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